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We’re evolving. A while back we made some upgrades to ZooMailer’s design. We had several goals in mind, all of which contribute to making the app nicer for you to use.


We’re about to launch our next set of design enhancements. Here’s a summary of what we’re providing you…


Quicker to get where you’re going

We’ve introduced dropdown menus on the main navigation. This means you can more easily and quickly move from place to place within the app. Say you’re in the ‘Campaigns’ section and you want to add a new contact data field – you can now navigate directly to ‘Contact data fields’ without waiting for the page to load.





A more unified EasyEditor experience

We’ve had feedback that when opening a template in EasyEditor, whilst people liked the full screen space, it was disorientating and didn’t feel very connected to ZooMailer. Moving the main navigation up to the header has given us space to move EasyEditor into the main area of the app. This means when you’re editing a template, you now have awareness of where you are at all times through the campaign creation progress indicators. You also have direct access to the main ZooMailer menu, help chat and all the other links in the header and footer, right at your fingertips.






Test sends from EasyEditor

You’ve just created your fab campaign in the editor and now you need to test send it – see how it really looks in your inbox. Until now, you would have to go to the plain text version then onto the test send page; a lengthy process at times! Now you can test-send directly from the editor – Hurrah!


It’s now much easier to do a test-send, proof and edit of your HTML version, saving you lots of time and making sure your campaign is as perfect as possible. With up to 50 test send addresses available, you can send it to lots of people for proofing.

Don’t forget to test send your plain text campaign too.




Gives you more space to work

A few months ago we did a simple calculation. We found that with an average screen size for ZooMailer users, almost 50% of the screen was taken by ZooMailer’s header and navigation. Since then, we have been on a mission to decrease unnecessary interface so that you benefit from a more usable area of the page. Combining the main menu with the header really helps claim back space, making way to provide you with loads of new exciting features. Have your say on our Twitter @Zoomailer, Facebook and Google Plus account.

Also our new drag and drop segmentation tool and this will also benefit from the space.



Consistency with our other products

Those that have seen our ZooMailer Survey, ZooMailer Microsites and ZooMailer SMS products will have already seen our horizontal menus. We want you to be able to switch into these products and feel right at home so consistency is important.



A fresher look and feel

We’re suckers for nice visual design here. We hope you approve!




Whilst the navigation has moved horizontal, all the navigation items are in exactly the same order so everyone will be able to find things just as easily.

So what do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you haven’t seen it, log in to ZooMailer.net and check it out!

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