What is Email Marketing Software?

What is Email Marketing Software?

  • Quite simply, the use of Email for marketing communications.
  • The creation, sending and tracking of Emails.
  • Email marketing is not spamming.
  • Email Marketing is the sending of Emails with permission.

What Sort of Emails do you Mean Exactly?


Broadly speaking, any Email you send to an existing customer or prospective customer! More specifically ‘Emails’ would refer to the sending of:

  • Promotional Emails with the purpose of gaining new customers.
  • Promotional Emails to coax your existing customers to purchase again.
  • Retention Emails designed to induce customer loyalty.

Give Me an Analogy…


You can think of these main forms of Email marketing as the electronic equivalent of:

  • Direct Mail
  • Sending out a Print Newsletter

Why is Email Marketing Software so popular?

  1. It’s Low Cost – cost effective communications.
  2. It’s Targeted – deliver personalised messages directly unlike websites where the people have to come to your message.
  3. It Measures Power – track your campaigns through the following:

Open Rates: in order for a message recipient to begin the engagement process, they have to open that email first.  High open rates are a good sign that your brand is well recognised and/or your email subject line is appealing.


Unique Opens: shows the number of people who opened the email message. So a large difference between Opens and Unique Opens means that many people are keeping your email in their inbox and looking at it multiple times, a good sign that they’re interested in its content. 


Click Through Rates: indicates a positive response to your email content, especially your call to action.                                                                                                                          

Unique Click throughs: like Unique Opens, Unique Click throughs show the number of people who click links in your email.  So a large difference between Clicks and Unique Clicks means that people are clicking different links in the same email message, or they might be clicking the same link more than once.                                                                                                                                

Forwards: this is the number of recipients who forwarded your email onto a colleague or a friend using the “Forward to friend” link.                                                                        

Page Views: if you have used our page tracking code on your website then this reports the total page views generated by the HTML and Plain Text email campaigns.  


Social Forwarding: people like to forward messages to their friends that they think might interest them and share them on social networks. Email enables you to readily exploit the enormous potential for reach and influence offered by social media and viral.                                                                                                                                                            


What Kind of Company Uses Email Marketing Software?


Everyone can!  

  • One Man Bands like Joe the Plumber
  • Small to Medium Enterprise
  • Blue Chip level organisations

No matter what size the business is, all business owners want to increase sales.
Email Marketing provides the tools to do that!



So What are the Different Types of Email Marketing Software?


1. Direct or Acquisition Emailing


Direct Email involves sending a promotional message in the form of an Email. It might be an announcement of a special offer, for example. Just as you might have a list of customer or prospect postal addresses to send your promotions too, so you can collect a list of customer or prospect eMail addresses.



2. Retention Emailing


Instead of sending a Promotional Email designed to encourage the recipient to a call to action i.e. purchasing something or signing up etc you might send out a Retention Email, this usually takes the form of a newsletter.


The aim here is to develop the customer over the long term. How? By providing the reader more than just a sales message, by providing them with value!


It should contain information that informs, entertains or is in some other way of benefit to them. The purpose of this is to make the relationship between you and your customer stickier.