Email Marketing works for Charities

Now more than ever it is essential for charities to effectively use both the online donation experience and email campaigns to thank and reassure donors and supporters of their value and importance, and keep the donor relationship recession-proof.


Because email marketing builds short, medium and long term relationships, if done right, in a non-pushy way, it improves donations, when the funds are there. The golden rule:  manage your email marketing database with care. Use the Professionals choice, Zoomailer.



Top 6 reasons why a charity should use email marketing:

      • Email is unique in its ability to put marketing message in front of thousands of potential donor’s at a cost significantly lower when compared to Direct Mail.  This can mean that virtually 100% of revenue generated from charity email campaigns will be pure profit.
      • Email solves one of the greatest challenges for Charities, retaining and upgrading the donor base.  By clarifying to the donor in a monthly or quarterly newsletter the real life value of their generous donations, the charity will foster loyalty and simultaneously encourage the donor to dig deeper when needed.
      • Email is personal.  Most email marketing solutions allows for automatically customised email messages with personal data such as the subscriber’s name.  By simply using basic personal details charities can boost retention and increase subscription levels.
      • Valuable demographic data can be collected. When a lead subscribes to a mailing list for a Charity, they can collect valuable data about potential donors. This data allows for better targeting of marketing messages to their list.
      • Rapid response time. A ‘donate now appeal’ campaign can begin to generate a response almost immediately. Customers don’t have to leave their home and can make a suggested donation with the click of a button.
      • Email is the ultimate “word of mouth” marketing vehicle. If your email message is “viral” in nature, your donor base can quickly and easily forward it to friends and family, spreading your message to new potential sponsors/donors.


Zoomailer -Charity Email Marketing – The Professional’s Choice


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    great stuff for clubs too, cheers