Email Marketing – Dead or Alive?

In the course of conversation with a customer recently – he remarked to me in his opinion “the time of email marketing had passed and that it was now an unreliable medium to grow recurring revenues”





I wasn’t overly surprised at the statement as for the last couple of years a number of large companies here and in the U.K have given Email Marketing a bad name. The vast majority of companies here understand that blanket bombing their existing database with newsletters, offers and adverts on an over frequent basis is a sure fire way to alienate their subscribers.


The 2012 Irish Digital Marketing Sentiment Survey tracks digital marketing trends and how Irish marketers treat e-mail marketing in their overall marketing mix. The study, the most extensive of its kind undertaken among Irish marketing professionals, was conducted by online consultancy AMAS in partnership with the Marketing Institute of Ireland.


Some of the top findings include:

  • One in five marketers (19.6%) now spend more than half their marketing budgets online
  • Top reasons for using online marketing are customer engagement (74%), value for money (63%) and optimising reach (57%)
  • Email continues to be a popular format, used by two out of three marketers (67%)
  • The other most popular formats are social networking / blogs (63%) and search engine optimisation (57%)
  • But social media can be hard work, with 70% saying that it has added to their workload


There is no doubt that the gloss of email marketing has been removed somewhat by the Social Media crowd, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more recently Pinterest are routinely considered before email marketing when companies are putting together their online marketing plans. I see this time and time again with my own prospective clients and who can blame them as they seem the quickest way to get the word out there and get some new clients in.


So who is right and who is wrong? Social media creates excellent brand awareness, that is a given but Email marketing still provides a higher return on investment in terms of customer retention and loyalty, new product and service offerings etc., Equally significant is that people rarely switch personal email addresses but they do migrate to other social media.

There’s room in the mix for both – but planning and strategy is key.


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  1. Gail Delahunt says:

    Well done Jason!

  2. Brian says:

    Much better than Harris or Collis have ever written, keep it up we need to know more