Why Choose Zoomailer for Email Marketing?

Zoomailer makes powerful email marketing easy; whether you’re brand new to the game or a seasoned hand.

User Friendly!

It is the most intuitive system of its type you’ll find. Check out our brilliant ‘drag & drop template editor’ for starters. Successful e-mail marketing doesn’t get any easier.


Flexibility like no other.

ZooMailer’s power is in its flexibility. Whether you are coming to eMail Marketing for the very first time or not it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t daunt the first timer in a small business and it will fulfil the more advanced needs of eMail marketer in a multi-national environment.


We’re Here to Help.

As a ZooMailer client, you’ll be supported and advised all the way by your personal account manager and if you need it there is help on hand from our client support and technical support gurus. No one wants to help you as much as we do. See what our clients say about the support the get.


Designed With you in Mind.

The more sophisticated features are created for use by marketers and not your I.T department. You can do the smart stuff yourselves without needing to call for guidance.


Super Smart, Super Simple.

Use triggered and segmented campaigns, split testing, dynamic subject matter, social media with customer re + CRM integration – all crazily easy to use.


Dig Deep.

Our reporting and analytics tools and charts – including hotspots, geo-mapping and in-app Google Analytics, help you target with pinpoint accuracy.


Our Survey and Microsite Builder Tools.

These two features will save you literally thousands of €€’s, ask us about them and we can explain how.